Monday, 14 April 2014

Destiny is never a bitch !!!

"My marriage is fixed!!! There is nothing we can do about it now... You know that I love you more than I love myself.. If there was a way, I would have made us happen... but now... I cannot kill my parents for my selfishness, for my happiness.. I know, you too wouldnt want to hurt our parents... you are a good girl.. the best one I have known.. And Sacrifice is what true love stands for.."
I listened to everything without uttering a word... tears dripping my eyes blurred my vision, yet I was staring at the reality with shock and dismay.... I knew I was helpless, and to best of my knowledge he too was....
In a country like India with the most cultural, regional, socio-political, linguistic diversity it was difficult to work out a love to consummate into a marriage... We have a right to get married to the person if our choice.... but we are bound by close knitted family upbringing.... our families teach us since the time we are kids, how great our community and culture is, and how mighty it is compared to all others... I knew all this and to not complicate my life I made a resolution : I will not fall in love with anybody out of my community which is quite impossible living in Mumbai where u live harmoniously mixed up with all other ethnic groups... well... soo then I will not fall in any serious relationship...!!!!  I do not want to be hurt or to b bound by emotions.. so I roamed around chirping, fluttering like a free bird.. There were lot of crushes, hot guys, mr.rights.. I kept ignoring all distractions and I was happy in life.. until I met him...!!!
Him!! The protagonist of my story is a Nepali inhabitant whose family came and settled frm Nepal years ago... I met him first in my office... He was a round, short n stout..wheatish guy.. His eyes never gave away that he is a Nepali... His nose was prominently wide n raised up as well unlike others of his race.. He had a pretty face, although fat... well nt at all my type of tall, dark n handsome guy...But somhow we grew closer with time and friendship flourished... I was a good friend to him but he was in love, I wasnt.. it took alot of convincing crying and all to make me say "Yes"... I wasnt in love though, as I had the marriage troubles i would have to face running in the back of my mind.... but gradually, I started falling in Love... he was very possesive abt me.. the way I dress, the way I look.. the way I talk.. the way I address people.. the guys I talk to... he had issues with everything but those seemed cute to me.. because it was new to me... He would want to meet me every day, every weekend.. talk to me whole night and day... it was all cute and new... I loved it...those cute moments... those cute fights... I had started feeling I was the luckiest person to have him in my life... So understanding, caring, giving, loving possessive.... but there was one thing I hated, he never visibly stood by me whenever I had issues with anybody..... never... he would personally tell me I am right but, publically he just wouldn't.... however I accepted it as his diplomacy... I never really thought it in this way that someone who cant stand up for what is right, how will he fight for his love??
We both were initially confused, but we gradually was spell bound of each other and I always felt he loved me more than what I do... Fun filled an year and half went by.. things changed when his family started looking for suitable bride for him... at first we were confused on how to deal with... both of our families were as strict as it could be... but Love does show you a way to work it out.   I was 22 and my family wasnt very keen to get me married so early...  Me and my supposed better-half decided that for the time being he will refuse all proposals that come by and will present to them about us, when the time is right...
Well everything was going as planned... until that one proposal that came by... And I dunno what changed the whole situation... he was suddenly finding it difficult to say no to the proposal... The girl was a very pretty Nepali chick from a rich nepali family and his family was positive and rejoicing about the alliance...
"This is it! We will have to tell our families about us.. I am going to talk to my family that I cannot marry any other girl but you!!" He stated sternely... I was perplexed.. but hugely relieved... I too thought, this is somthing I will have to face... if not now then its going to be never!!! While he kept the call to talk to his family, I eagerly waited fingers crossed for him to call back with a positive answer... BUT!! His call shattered me.... his words kept on ringing my ears... I cried, tried to convince him... but all in vain.. he was helpless too...
I some how tried to understand... accept the destiny but still there was a feeling of contention that we are seperating because of family and not because of lack of love.. With lot of love and respect I thought 'poor him, he has to marry someone when I am still occupied in his heart.. I have time to atleast nurture the wound...but him! He cant even show pain... Salute to him!! '
However, the bubble I was living in soon burst out... Truth unvieled itself and the ugly face of truth was scary enough to shake me up inside out!
It soo happened that he was bowled over by the girl.. Pretty, rich and same caste - undoubtfully a better
bet than me.... he acted smart... as the saying goes "saap b mare aur laati b na toote" . so, inorder to get rid of me, he thought of lying to me that he told his family about us... there wer so much issues... my sister beat me up.. my dad got asthama attack..!! heck!! So much of lies..
Some body has correctly said it, one single lie leads you to 1000 subsequent lies to keep the initial one undisclosed!!