Sunday, 1 May 2011

What is the meaning of Love?

This question haunts me. I know it is a feeling, but what feeling it is cannot be described! I never got a proper definition for it. In a search for the apt words to put together so as to define the magical word "Love"..
Love, i have heard it from my childhood. Ever since i started understanding language, i have been hearing this word...."Love" 
What does it actually mean? 
My mom says 'I love you' to me. So did my dad and, i used to smile and plant a kiss on their cheeks everytime they said so to me. But still, in my 3rd standard when a small guy from my class wrote "I love you" in a chit and passed it to me, i felt sad and i cried.  Even 12 years later i am not able to conclude what made me cry at that time...??
Well, years later in my teenage when a guy came up-to me to declare his ever-lasting love towards me, i couldn't stop laughing ! This time i knew the reason that made me laugh..I felt the guy was nothing less than a moron, to think that am foolish enough to believe that he is madly in love with a girl he met few moments ago, and cant live without..!! gross..!!
it does seem cute in Allu Arjun movies though....

I eventually understood, there are very few who really love, rest just claim to be loving.May it be mother, father, children, lover, husband, wife, siblings who ever it maybe, only very few has real love and compassion alive in them...
Love- It has to be selfless and unconditional.
People say i love you not because they love the person, but because they love themselves more when they are with that person...
Most of relations today are built on selfishness and insecurities.Parents want support for their old-age, children need shelter till the are capable enough to take care of self....and so it goes on...These are small small selfishness which are mostly harmless for each other. Lovers on other hand need partner to fulfill their emotional, physical and psychological needs and cravings. When someone say i cant live without you , its mostly because the contribution you make in to fulfilling their shows how important your contributions are!!!
Well, more i think about it, more confused i get. Describing what actually we mean by love is like walking through the ocean...!!

Still, if this selfish love is harmless enough for others and it is doing good for them, then let the world claim to be in love with the humanity and feel happy about it...!! ;) ;)