Wednesday, 8 June 2011


When i saw him for the very first time, i felt blood rushing inside my veins.."a strange feeling" which was first of its kind! I had never experienced anything like this ever before!
I kept gazing him, while he playfully looked around and smiled!
Uff! i can still feel the sensation that perplexed me,when i touched him first! I just couldn't keep my hands off him!
Then when i kissed him..Jesus! it was the most beautiful thing ever!
I dont know if this is what you call as falling in love but yeh,his is the most purest feeling i had ever and undoubtedly the most beautiful one so far..
Maybe thats why, When i sat down to pen-down few words on this 'Angel', It turned down into a poem...
Here it goes!

Looking at his Angelic smile,
 I was wondering for a while,
What on earth made it so divine, 
Being with him sends me on cloud nine!

The little teeth that were sprouting out,
Fumbling whatever was just taught,
Oh my Lord, he keeps me cheered,
He loves it when he is loved and cared.

The innocence and peace in his eyes,
Can help a dying  man to retrieve to life,
God's Angel That the children are,
My nephew is the best one so far..!

Well maybe, i am not that good a poet, But at-least my love made me put some rhymes together..