Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A letter to my Child

Dear Child,

You are welcome to this world.. This world, is very beautiful, precious and lovely place.  And you have been sent here, to make it even more beautiful.. even more lovely  place than what it already is..

Who has sent?

That nobody knows till date... and maybe knowing that is not going to make any difference... Therefore, do not waste your time on such questions...

We all have limited time with us.. How much ever it be, it is less... There is so much in the world..to see..  to understand.. to feel.. that u don't even have a moment to waste...

Possibilities are limitless...You can be anything..  can do anything.. can change this world..

Do something new everyday, learn something new everyday.. And if you have doubt in your mind regarding anything.. Then remember, its always better to regret on something you did than regretting on something you never did...

Because.. by doing something, even if u gain nothing else at all, u will gain experience.. And experience, is very valuable...
You should experience everything, but do not get addicted to anything.. Experience teaches you to differentiate between right and wrong.. It saves you from doing mistakes... But do not be afraid of mistakes. Mistakes happen from those, who dares to do something..
Own up to your mistakes, forgive others mistakes and give them a chance to reform them self.

Nobody, does mistake on purpose..Nobody intentionally behaves badly..
Nobody knows what is going on in other person's life.
Hence give everyone the same chance that you would give yourself..
Be kind to all as much as you would have been to yourself..
Respect All, Trust everyone, and love everyone. This world has deficit of love, my dear child. And everyone needs it badly. You will also need it. Do not hesitate to ask, nor be apprehensive of showing it off..

Life is very short..for embarrassment, hesitation.. Even if you know or you dont, Dance freely... Sing Loudly.. eat as much as you please.. Laugh out...and cry hard...

Grow up only by body... not by mind.. Because the day you loose the child within you, the innocence within you... that day believe me, you loose the life within you..

Think about your future, but do not worry about it.. Remember your past, but do not dwell in it.

There will be good as well as bad days in life. Do not be too proud of your good days, and do not feel devastated during the bad days.

Do not give all the credits of success to yourself and do not blame others for your unfortunate failures..

Dear child, just keep moving on...spreading happiness.. and always keep in mind, you have been sent here with one sole purpose.. that you may make this world, even more beautiful .. even more better than what it already is..

With lots of love..