Monday, 23 May 2011

Men never grow up...!!!

I have always heard the phrase " Some Men are dogs",but i don't agree with it, and i have few reasons for disagreeing..First of all, Dogs have keen observations,they don't pretend to be smart but they act smartly..But Men--They pretend to be smart, they think no one knows what they have in mind,but everyone knows what they are upto....Am talking about young men,the hot-blooded,fun-loving gen-next people..
I don't know what their problem is? Maybe, they cant settle their mind on one thing,or they never grow up mentally.They keep chasing butterflies like kids do...but hardly catch any..Lol

23/05/2011  10:35.A.M
I am on my way to passport office, along with my mom.I took her along so that i would get a company and besides she was free as well. We boarded local to thane and was waiting for bus. Gosh it was a long queue (one longer than you see before beverages corporation in Kerala)  but we dint wait in the queue and got in to the much crowded bus.(we managed sum-how) We pushed and pulled to move forward and managed to get ahead. There appears my protagonist, in semi-formals and a glares  .He caught my attention when he called up my mom to offer a seat and modestly stood(beside me). I did not feel thankful to his act,instead i muttered in my mind "fool, he thinks i dint catch him". There were several other ladies standing but, he particularly called up my mom to offer a seat. He stood beside me,grinning to himself. In between giving me  side-glances which i would purposefully acknowledge. He seemed to be a smart guy, educated and working, at least thats what his looks exhibited.I decided to trammel the peace he had in his mind (just for fun). Again, after some stops someone got up and he called out  me to be seated, i sat down courteously. He gave me a satisfied look, and got down at the next signal where a friend of his ( i suppose so) was waiting for him, with his bike.He got onto the bike and continued his journey, but thats when he caught me starring him continuously. He glanced four- five times "no, he hadn't mistaken, I was starring him without a blink." Buss! Thats it , the kid in him woke -up to chase the butterfly...

12:30 P.M
After long and tiring wait, i got out of the passport office, only to find him waiting there outside on his bike..Uff !!! what a patience hehe...Lol 
The instance he saw me, he got the grab of his glares which he had hung on his shirt pocket and wore it ,took out a handkerchief and wiped his face, enthusiastically, his friend by this time, was fuming with anger but like a true friend, controlled it all and took part in his friend's mirth.
I gave a slight smile and a naughty glance, (hehe, How evil i am!! I am playing with a feeling of a kid) that was all needed to boost him up and increase his restlessness to greater heights..
He was acting as if snared.He kept trying to communicate with me in sign language atleast get a response..I intentionally ignored them and kept talking to my mom...Poor Lad..hehe
Then Me and mom got in to a rick and i knew he would chase, he did!
As we reached station, i saw his eyes searching for me desperately.I walked towards the platform without getting caught  by him.But i could see him running, here and there...(lol, these men have all the time in the world for all such activities)  I boarded the train as it arrived, and he still couldnt see me, as the train moved i captured his attention as i stood by the entrance of train and he looked at me rather helplessly and painfully when i gave him a wicked smile..!!!
haha Mission Accomplished !


  1. its wonderful way of writing...
    when it comes from heart and real lyf incident it captures lot of interests.


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  3. Replies
    1. Loved the writing, though fictitious. ;-)

  4. What if tat guy got ur numb....tat woulb be an another interestin Blog i guess :)